- A Beth Harper Supernatural Thriller - Book Two

Caduceus S E England
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Sarah England is a fiction writer based in the UK. She trained as a nurse in Sheffield before working in medical sales and specialising in psychiatry, a theme which carries into much of her work. Having always wanted to be a writer, she began in later years to write for magazines, but did not discover her true purpose and passion until one particular day. Shocked and inspired by a real account of satanic abuse, she began to research the occult. 

 At the fore of Ms England's  work is the bestselling 'Father of Lies' occult horror trilogy - 'Father of Lies', 'Tanners Dell' and 'Magda'. This was followed by 'The Owlmen', a spin-off from the series. Stand-alones include, 'The Soprano,' 'Hidden Company,' 'Monkspike,' and 'Baba Lenka'. Each book explores new aspects of the supernatrual, with most set  in ordinary, if spooky, surroundings.

'Masquerade' - the first in a series of supernatural thrillers, starring spiritual medium Beth Harper, a real person who is a friend of the author's. 'Caduceus', Book Two, is due for release in July 2021. 

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Please note - these books are definitely not for those of a nervous disposition...


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Monkspike by S E England
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The Owlmen
Masquerade S E England

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