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You are invited to the launch party for The Soprano - A Haunting New Supernatural Thriller!

Well, it's almost here....The Soprano will be ready for Kindle and in paperback by 30th August on amazon. And in order to give her a good send-off there's a launch party on facebook on Thursday 31st August from 7pm onwards. This time, though, I've got a professional in! Maxine Groves - booklovercatlady - is hosting the event and it's going to be a good one. We have some gorgeous Gothic-themed prizes, signed copies of both The Soprano and the Father of Lies trilogy, and also guest authors giving away books - all to be won! On the night I will post samples from the book and tell you a lot more about it. So I hope you will come along and enter one or two of the competitions from the comfort of your sofa....

The Soprano has been eight months in the making and is rather different to anything I've done before. Whilst not out and out horror like the Father of Lies trilogy, she's definitely creepy and in parts quite macabre....I'd say more of a mystery, more of a sinister tale than pure horror. And I've also had help from a real, practising witch...Well...all will be revealed, as they say...later!

Meanwhile, here are the links to pre-order if Kindle is your reading mode of preference... or Paperback will be out on the same day, I promise!

The above link will take you to the event, where you can let us know if you're coming and/or follow the discussion thread. I'll send out a full newsletter before the event with more information and, oh - if you haven't signed up then if you go to the home page on here and sign up now, you'll receive a free copy of The Witching Hour to download! This is an anthology of my darker short stories and serials, all previously published.

Now I must get back to the final edits..... there's still work to be done. Thank you for reading and catch up with you soon!


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