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Release Date and Synopsis for 'The Owlmen' - Pure Occult Horror out on April 26th, 2018!

I now have a release date for The Owlmen. It's on the 26th April - next month - with a facebook launch on Friday 27th. Now available to pre-order for kindle on and this is pure occult horror that will read either as a stand alone novel or as an off-shoot to the Father of Lies trilogy. Here's the synopsis to see if you like it. I'll post again once it's out - the kindle and paperback will be at the same time! Thank you so much for reading and please be aware that once again this is very dark stuff!! Cackles....


THE OWLMEN - IF THEY SEE YOU THEY WILL COME FOR YOU... Ellie Blake is recovering from a nervous breakdown. Deciding to move back to her northern roots, she and her psychiatrist husband buy Tanners Dell at auction - an old water mill in the moorland village of Bridesmoor. However, there is disquiet in the village. Tanners Dell has a terrible secret, one so well guarded no one speaks its name. But in her search for meaning and very much alone, Ellie is drawn to traditional witchcraft and determined to pursue it. All her life she has been cowed. All her life she has apologised for her very existence. And witchcraft has opened a door she could never have imagined. Imbued with power and overawed with its magick, for the first time she feels she has come home, truly knows who she is. Tanners Dell though, with its centuries old demonic history...well, it's a dangerous place for a novice...


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