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Great News for Newsletter Subscribers! And a Bank Holiday Reading Deal too...

Good morning/afternoon/evening!

Let me start with some great news - the entire Father of Lies trilogy is on Kindle Countdown over this Bank Holiday Weekend - AND so is the new release - The Owlmen. All four of these books are just 99p/99c to download from today through to next Tuesday, so if you fancy some dark reading, now is a really good time. There are over 760 reviews for the Father of Lies books across amazon with a 4.6 average rating, and The Owlmen, which was only released 3 weeks ago is coming up to 30 reviews and 4.8. This is pure occult horror though, so you may need to sleep with the light on after reading. All links/buttons to all of my books are on the home page of this website, together with synopses and more information.

I have to say I've been really thrilled at the reader response so far to The Owlmen. This can be read as a stand alone novel or to follow the Father of Lies are a few of the comments so far...

'Absolutely loved the whole series, and was buzzin with The Owlmen as I thought the story was basically done, boy.....was I wrong! As gripping, edge of the seat, nail biting and excellent as all that flowed before.....highly recommended peeps.'

' Another great book by Sarah. I have always rated her with the likes of James Herbert and Stephen King, her gripping style that builds up tension at every turn of the page.'

'The writing is exquisite throughout, the work of an author absolutely on top of her game. She effortlessly weaves a tapestry of terror and the reader is soon entangled in the unfolding nightmare. Anyone with a nervous nature or a heart condition would be well advised to avoid this book. I will give away no more of the plot but it builds into a thrilling climax then hits you with an absolute killer twist. Many books make this claim but here is one that actually does it. This book offers proof (if it was ever needed) that this author has truly earned her place with the great writers in this genre, past and present. From M R James and Poe right through to Stephen king. She stands tall with the best.'


I'm sure you will agree that some of those reviews are breath-taking! Thank you so much to the people who took the time to write - I am blown away and truly grateful.


Finally, before I start Book 6 (more on that in my next blog and newsletter) if you would like to sign up to my newsletter, there's a free download to kindle waiting for you. This is The Witching Hour - a collection of the darker short stories and serials I had published during my many years writing for magazines. These aren't in the same terrifying league as the occult horror novels, but thrillers and chillers all the same.... My newsletters are infrequent catch-ups to let readers know about forthcoming releases, audios, competitions and pre-order information. There are also some free short stories due to be released for subscribers only, later in the year. The sign-up box to mailchimp is on the home page of this website. I look forward to welcoming you into my inner lair... cackles....

All links/buttons and information to all of my books are via the home page on this website....

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