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New! 'Hidden Company' is Imminent...

NEW! Well, the Witching Season is upon us my lovelies, and I have news for you. Hidden Company, Book 6, is imminent. As promised, here is the cover for the paperback/Kindle and I hope, really hope, you love it as much as I do.

First of all the fantastic little creature on the front is a creation by US artist, Scott Radke, whose weird, wizened sculptures I have long admired. Really, it was a huge surprise he agreed to let her appear on the front of my books and it may only be for a limited time, so I for one will be stocking up! The rest is all down to the genius of Gina Dickerson - designer, mind-reader and good friend. So what's inside? Well, not pure occult horror this time, although it is about as spooky as you can get... Hidden Company is actually a dark, psychologcial thriller involving some lesser known elements of the supernatural. This one includes communing with the fae, and also necromancy. I have had a huge amount of help with these from Raven Wood, who lives and breathes the life of a traditional witch in North America and to whom I am deeply indebted. I was going to include a sample chapter here but have decided against it for now, the reason being there will be an extra newsletter in October for Halloween. The purpose is not just because it is Halloween but because that is when the pre-order link will be available, so it seems fitting to have the sample at that point. However, here is a brief synopsis as a taster.... This book has involved a huge amount of research but I hope the result is something that will intrigue and entertain you... and that come Halloween you will be ready once more to take a trip to the dark side...



1893 Flora George is nineteen years old when she's admitted to Lavinia House, a Victorian asylum in the heart of rural Wales. Puzzled and dismayed at what she could possibly have done to deserve being abandoned by her well-to-do family, she slowly begins to realise there are some deeply sinister undercurrents in this harsh asylum. Ones which may involve herself. Present Day Isobel Lee is renting The Gatehouse, once the lodge to the asylum. It is the first time an outsider has ever moved into the area and it's causing dangerous unrest. A reluctant spiritual medium, the minute she moves into the house she is badly frightened by angry spirits exhibiting bizarre and insane behaviour, and in addition to this it seems certain local people are determined to hound her out. It is only when she meets enigmatic, gothic-looking Branwen Morgan, and agrees to accept her help, that ancient fears and terrible wrongdoings are finally revealed. But you know, there is always a price to pay when that help comes from the dark side..... cackles...


The release date, pre-order link and sample chapter will all be in the Halloween issue!

Thank you hugely to every single person who has reviewed the Father of Lies books, The Owlmen and The Soprano - it is very much appreciated. Now I must get back to work and makesure Hidden Company comes out on time... see you soon!

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