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A Kindle Price Drop and A New Book Launch!


First, I'm excited to tell you that all five of my occult horror novels are currently on kindle countdown at just 99p/99c for the whole week. Starts today! All links and information on each book are listed on this website, and here are the links to take you directly into amazon... and

So if you haven't done Spooky before... now's a great time... on a stormy night, on your own... in the early hours... cackles... Here are a few of the 800+ reviews for the books so far....

''The writing is exquisite, an author on top of her game.' 'Absolutely loved it. Creepy, spine-tingling, edge of your seat read. Bring on the next - fabulous!' 'To write about the occult is difficult, let alone to do it justice...I really can't wait for the next book...' 'I flew through the pages as if my fingers were on fire - huge fan of this author.'



Hidden Company will be launched on December 28th with a facebook party. And this is where things get a little different... I have two guest authors offering prizes; plus traditional witch, Raven Wood (based in North America) who will be gifting a necromancy tarot to one lucky winner! In addition to that I am posting a pre-recorded reading (gulp) from the book, several excerpts, and running various competitions with some great prizes...including the music I used to write this to! Three winners will each receive a signed copy of the paperback. All details are on my author page on facebook and everyone is welcome!

And here are the links if you would like to read more about Hidden Company and/or pre-order: and

I hope you enjoy the reading and many thanks indeed for visiting my blog today!

I will be posting once the book is out, before retreating once more to my dark lair in order to conjure the next occult horror.... and yes it has a title already...taking form nicely...and yes, in case you are wondering, it will be my darkest and most dangerous work yet! Cackles.... Happy Christmas everyone!


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