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News! Audio and Book 7!

Happy Ostara! I don't know about you but it's glorious spring weather where I am in the south west of England.. full of bouncing lambs and bunnies!

Anyway, back to the dark side... cackles... I have a teeny bit of news. First of all the audio is now available for Hidden Company. Narrated by Penny Scott Andrews, it's now available on amazon via the following links for the US and UK respectively: and

They look really long but are my personal links. You can also of course, simply go to the book pages and click on audio from there! I have to say Penny is really good... she does an incredible Welsh accent and knows exactly how to pronounce the words. I really hope you enjoy listening to it... audios seem to be increasingly popular, I suppose as people have long drives or are doing the chores, it's a great way to hear a story!

And the second bit of news is regarding Book 7! This is due out in time for Halloween this year. There has been a title change and a theme change. The new book will now be called, 'Monkspike' and I'm busy writing. For this there is a whole new subject matter, albeit on the dark side, of course... New realms, new discoveries, and new terrors await anyone residing in this small village in the forest... ah yes, the forest. I live on the edge of one now and what an inspiring place it be, my lovelies. As soon as I have a cover I'll post the prologue and a synopsis to see what you think. So that's all for now. I wish you happy reading... and finally... A HUGE thank you to everyone who has taken the time out to post a review for Hidden Company. Am blown away with some of those comments, they really keep me going. Chat soon... you know where I am... and


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