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Cover Reveal for 'Monkspike'...Want to see?

Hello and welcome to my May 2019 newsletter. I have exciting news...

Book 7, 'Monkpsike' is underway and scheduled for a Halloween release, if not before! Once it is available to pre-order on amazon I will email again (late summer) but right now I have the cover to show you...The illustration has been drawn by non other than US horror artist, David Romero, who produced this purely for 'Monkspike.' Gina Dickerson of Rose Wolf Design, then polished up a stunning book cover. Personally I think it's a deeply sinister image. Honestly, I can't look at him for too long in case he creeps into my dreams.... Which brings me to a tiny synopsis on the book itself... First, here is the cover. I hope you... erm... 'like' it...

Blurb Monkspike....Occult Horror

1149 was one of the bloodiest times in medieval history. During the reign of King Stephen, laws were lax and local barons exacted high tithes from anglo-saxon peasants unable to speak the ruling French language. The poor handed over their produce or faced torture. One sector in society, however, did not answer to the landowners, and those were the monks. This was the age of the Cistercians, and local resentments ran high. Today, nearly 900 years later, the forest village of Monkspike has all but forgotten its battle-soaked history, and the monastery lies in ruins. That is until local girl, Kezia Elwyn, takes up demonolatry and resurrects a hellish wrath no one can contain. Burdo, the white monk, will infect your dreams....This is pure occult horror and not for the faint of heart... cackles... **** Pre-order will be in July/August..... details in the next newsletter along with an excerpt. Thank you for reading my newsletter. And thank you to everyone who has written a review for Hidden Company or any of the other books... I am truly grateful.

All for now... kindest wishes, Sarah England

Company or any of the others.... I am most grateful. All for now... Kindest wishes, Sarah England

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