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Monkspike is Now Out!!

Well, hello there! I have some news for you... Monkspike is now available in both Kindle and paperback formats on amazon. Set in the Forest of Dean, this is a medieval horror of the darkest kind. Not at all for the faint of heart!!

Writing this has involved lot of research, most notably on the subjects of soul carrying, spirit attachment and past life regression. For this I read extensively, but most of all I owe a debt of gratitude to a lady called Wendy Adair (credited in the book), who works as a modern day exorcist. I also had past life therapy with someone who specialises in this work, which helped with how it feels to go under hypnosis. And finally, thank you to my dear friend, Raven Wood, a traditional witch based in Wisconsin, who provided the authentic witchcraft included in these pages. Some of you may know I have a background in psychiatry. Well, during the course of my research for Monkspike, I read a highly interesting paper by psychiatrist, Dr Alan Sanderson, who is leading the way in terms of considering spiritual causes for certain mental illnesses. It is pioneering work and not as yet accepted in mainstream Western medicine. However, there are now US psychiatrists also writing about this following personal experiences over decades working in mental health. So it's a case of keeping an open mind, I guess... because no one really has the answers. And that is how Monkspike, I hope, will leave you...With questions! Not in terms of 'hanging threads' but rather, how much do we really know, and what are the possibilities? Because for me, this is an endlessly fascinating topic! To launch Monkspike, there will be an online party on facebook on the 30th October with Shani Struthers. Shani is a hugely popular writer whose books are nearly all about hauntings and ghosts, many taken from real life events and spooky places. Her latest, Highgate, will be out in time for the Halloween event... so please do pop in if you can. There are some terrific prizes, including signed copies, and a Samhain Oracle Reading from Raven Wood!

So all that remains for me to say, is - I hope you enjoy the

book, here are the links, and thank you so very much for

reading: and

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