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Now you can listen to the horror...

Hello there! Well, it's the darkest time of the year, so what better than to enjoy a dark read? Or listen to one instead? Because Monkspike is now on audio. Penny Scott Andrews, who narrated Hidden Company, has done a fine job, especially with the menacing whispers of Burdo, the possessing white monk. Whatever you choose, I really hope you enjoy the story. Mind you, it has freaked a few people out... Here are just a few of the reviews so far:

'One scene stands out for me - a vision of pure horror on a cinematic scale. You really won't forget this one!' 'This is by far the best so far from this brilliant author who never fails to fulfill. It kept me riveted throughout. Occult at its best, a huge 5* from me.' 'Insanely gripping. You are drawn into this dark novel from the first few words. Afterwards you are lost, impotent to break free until the end.'

Thank you so very much to everyone who reviews my work. I cannot tell you how much it is appreciated. And I'll have some news in a couple of weeks, just before Christmas, about all of them! Meanwhile, I am deep in research for Book 8. This one is tightly under wraps as it breaks new ground, and I am not entirely sure what direction it will take. It will be creepy as hell, though, I can promise you that. The books I'm reading have brought me night terrors and have, shall we say, opened a door.... and once things have been seen they cannot, of course, be unseen...gulp... And during this research period, I found that not just this one, but the next four came to me... This has never happened before. So, I'm planning two books for 2020 and hopefully two more after that. As soon as I have more info I will send out a newsletter. Book 8 is called, Anastasia... and is scheduled for May 2020! Finally, I'll send out a very brief newsletter just before Christmas with my bit of news, so please sign up via the homepage if you'd like to receive it. Meanwhile, despite all the panic in the run-up to Christmas, never stop reading... it's the most magical transportation to other worlds there is, IMO ...Love and light, Sarah x

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