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Book 8 is coming.. Title, Cover and Lowdown!

The Cover Reveal

Hi Everyone!

Well, I have some news for you! Book 8 is scheduled for a June release. It is called, 'Baba Lenka' and I'm on target. I thought you might like to see the very special cover, which I am beyond excited about! Here it is:

I say special, because the poppet is the crow poppet designed, made and sold by Raven Wood, the traditional witch in Wisconsin who I regularly work with, and who has become a very good friend. Raven is now working full time in the craft, and her readings and products are world class, second to none. As soon as I saw this crow poppet I fell for him and asked if she would kindly let me have him on the cover. As you can see she agreed! This is her etsy site: After that, Gina Dickerson worked her magic and I think she has done an incredible job. Possibly my favourite cover to date... I love that bit! Okay - onto the more difficult bit for me... lol... The Lowdown! Baba Lenka is the story of a Russian sorceress who passes down the 'gift' of demonic help through the family lineage. We enter the story in the winter of discontent, 1970, with Eva Hart, a seemingly ordinary girl from Yorkshire, who attends her great-grandmother's funeral in Bavaria.The deceased is Baba Lenka. But a terrible thing happens at the funeral. and from that moment on everything changes for Eva, as the family history during both world wars is revealed with stark clarity. This is pure occult horror, unlike anything I have ever done before, based on shocking research together with translated medieval scripts. I hope you will like it... The pre-order will be available next month and I will send out a newsletter when it is. *** More news... Hidden Company is currently at a promotional price on Amazon, of 99p/99c until next Tuesday. So if you fancy an extremely creepy story set in an asylum in the heart of rural Wales, now's a good time to download. B07JQYQ7R8  USA:

The Treat! And finally, I have some promo codes for the audios of both Monkspike and Hidden Company. This would enable you to listen for free. If you would like one please let me know re the contact page on my website or any of the social media channels - and

That's all from me for now... I will be back with the pre-order information sometime around the end of March. Thank you for reading and to everyone who has kindly written a review on Amazon or Goodreads.. A Huge Thank you!!! Oh, and I am now a full member of the Horror Writers' Association... :)

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