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Free Today, plus more offers for July!

Bonanza offers on 3 of my books today...

First: Monkspike 99p/99c!!

'Enter a world of raw horror and passion from the past'

'Totally bloody scary...'

Next: Hidden Company

Today! 99p/99c

'A real gothic tale which had me glued to my seat and tapping my kindle like a demented wood pecker. This author has done it again!'

'Every now and then you come across a book that's unique and gripping... This is one of those books!'

And totally free today: The Witching Hour

'Stand out story for me was Cold Melon Tart, certainly touched a nerve..'

'My favourite was the hitchhiker & I've found myself retelling this to many friends - I did not see that ending coming at all- fabulous!'

One last thing... Groom Lake is now available in hardback as well as Kindle and paperback. Audio to follow....

Thank you for reading... hope you enjoy!!

Sarah x

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