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'Masquerade' and 'Caduceus' - A Beth Harper Supernatural Thriller Series.

Hi everyone!

Masquerade was released earlier this year in Kindle and paperback - Book One in the new Beth Harper Supernatural Thriller Series. And Caduceus - Book Two - is well underway for a summer release.

Beth Harper is a friend of the author's. She's an authentic and powerful spiritual medium who often works on police cases. In addition to this, she is one of the very few people who is able to astral travel and remote view. 'Beth's true identity will be revealed at some point in the near future, but for now she prefers to remain private. All of the insights and workings of Beth's spiritual life are incorporated in these books, along with the privilege of discovering more about her spirit guides, 'Billy' and 'Gran Grace'. Many people still prefer to consign all things spiritual to fiction and imagination, but in fact all of her visions and ability to lift haunting presences and demonic entities from both people and places, are self-evident. In addition to working closely with 'Beth', the author also draws from quantum theory and ancient sacred texts. Beth herself describes herself as working for God and never charges money or asks for anything in return.

The books, as always, do not shy away from the darkness and horror in our midst. The monsters are indeed, not in hell but here. But perhaps only when we stand in that darkness can we truly appreciate the light?

Hopefully you will enjoy these books and the insight into the life of one of the most fascinating women imaginable. I perhaps could add that the background story of the Mantel family is also based on reality. All my books have been drawn from researched history and events, along with a dash of personal experience. That fact could add to the shivers.

A newsletter will go out shortly with more details on Caduceus... Coming soon....

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