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The Pre-Order for Baba Lenka is now on Amazon! And Monkspike is on offer at 99p/99c for one week..

Hi Everyone!

Well, with all that is going on in the world at the moment this may come as a welcome distraction. I hope so. Personally, I am more than happy to retreat into the realms of fiction, especially those packed with thrilling ghosts and spooky demons.. lol... So it is with pleasure I introduce you to, Baba Lenka! A Russian sorceress with a diabolical history, she's not your average heroine, but I hope you will enjoy her story. Here is the blurb, links to Amazon, and the cover, which I revealed last month and is courtesy of Witch, Raven Wood (also currently residing in other realms)...

Baba Lenka: Synopsis

1970, and Baba Lenka begins in an icy Bavarian village with a highly unorthodox funeral. The deceased is Baba Lenka, great-grandmother to Eva Hart. But a terrible thing happens at the funeral, and from that moment on everything changes for seven year old Eva. The family fly back to Yorkshire but it seems the cold Alpine winds have followed them home...and the ghost of Baba Lenka has followed Eva. This is a story of demonic sorcery and occult practices during the World Wars, the horrors of which are drip-fed into young Eva's mind to devastating effect. Once again, this is absolutely not for the faint of heart. Nightmares pretty much guaranteed...

Here's the link for the pre-order. It will be out in June but hopefully the date will be brought forward, and I will post as soon as it's out... THANK YOU in advance for all the support, reviews and kind words: UK:

One more thing...Monkspike is currently on Kindle Countdown at 99p/99c to download. If you haven't yet read it or think someone else might like to try, this is a great time. Here are the links: and

My next blog will be when Baba Lenka is available. The paperback will be out on the same day as the Kindle and as said, I hope launch day will be brought forward from the one stated. I now have some hard work to do... Stay safe everyone and let's keep each other supported. My group on fb is called Sarah England's Dark Lair - it's small, private... and spooky... What goes on in the Lair stays in the Lair... if you tap on our door we will creak it open and bring you in by candlelight... see if you're creepy enough..

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