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Dark Fiction to come...

Well it's that time again....a new book is on its way! The Owlmen has been incredibly well received, but I am all too aware that what I write is quite definitely in a niche. Occult horror is not to everyone's taste, and therefore it might be time to crawl out of the shadows and slip into another, perhaps equally murky, but much bigger lair - that of the psychological thriller. After one or two readers pointed out that The Owlmen contained a few of these kind of scenes, I thought - why not? Maybe it's time to see what I can do...

To this end I've decided on an (black) umbrella term to encompass all of the books - Dark Fiction. This covers the Father of Lies trilogy and The Owlmen, supernatural thriller, The Soprano, plus what I'm going to write next. All of my work will be touched with darkness and the new one will be no exception. The title? Hidden Company. The genre - a pyschological thriller but with plenty of the dark stuff, you know, the terrifying kind? Cackles....

The scheduled date is December 2018 but I will have a cover and synopsis to show you sometime in the late summer, so for now... thank you very much for the continued support. Every review and every share on social media helps to get the books out there and I am truly grateful. Oh, one more thing to share: an article in The Telegraph has highlighted a psychiatrist's admission that perhaps there are some patients who really do need a priest - so was Father of Lies onto something even more scary than fiction after all? I will leave that thought with you...


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