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Launch Day! Creech Cross is Now Out!

At long last it's launch day for Creech Cross, which is now available for Kindle download. Also in paperback and hardback. It has been my absolute favourite to write so far. I've truly enjoyed creating this paranormal thriller for your delectation. Cross-genre, Creech Cross combines the occult with historical and psychological elements, a tapestry of fear and revelation, of ancestral karma and age-old beliefs. I truly hope you enjoy it.

Here's a brief summary and links. Oh, and there's competition and audio news to follow...

'Thirteen in number... It is my belief my daughter danced with the devil...'

As soon as Lyddie crosses the old stone bridge into Creech Cross, there's a strong feeling of stepping, not so much back in time, as out of it. Ancient magic overlaid with dark witchcraft and superstition bleeds into the present day, events and people as woven into the fabric of history as the age-old tracks traversing the land itself. Local people barely acknowledge her, and the incomers are that bit too friendly, until gradually it becomes clear she and her husband are in danger. Who to trust? Who not to trust? Before the situation becomes alarmingly, inexplicably... unsafe.' Thank you to Gina Dickerson of RoseWolf Design for the incredible artwork, and Candice Wright, for sending her beautiful photos of abandoned abbeys. Also thank you to Lorna Read, for proof reading; and all the advance readers who so kindly gave up their time - Steve, Claire, Emma, Lea, and Shani Struthers. If you're on FB, there will be a joint launch party on Wednesday 31st August from 1200 - 1900 GMT, with author Shani Struthers, who will be launching her brilliant new book, Resistance, the latest in her highly popular 'This Haunted World' series, set in Rome. We also have guest authors and there will be a LOT of prizes, with the competitions remaining open until the following Saturday. Here's the link: Launch Party for Creech Cross and Resistance | Facebook

*** And finally - the audio is now available for The Droll Teller. Hope you enjoy! *** Thank you for reading, and for any good reviews. They're very much appreciated. I wish you good health and happy reading. Kindest wishes, Sarah England

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