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On Offer and a Halfway Point!

I cannot believe it is August already, but today I can bring news. First, all of my novels, including the most recent - The Owlmen - are on offer right across the board. For 99p/99c you can download any or all five! Offer ends on the 15th August. So if you haven't read occult horror or supernatural thrillers steeped in witchcraft before, now is a great time to try (or recommend to someone who likes a dark thrill.... cackles).

Next, news on Book Six. This is on schedule and should be ready by the end of the year. I'm hugely superstitious and don't like to talk about my work before it's ready, so what I'm going to do is write a blog and newsletter in September with a sample chapter and synopsis, plus the pre-order date. I can tell you it's called, Hidden Company, and that it's a psychological thriller with some extremely dark elements to it (naturally). I can also say that I have three seriously exciting contributors. This one is very, very different to the others in terms of content and plot. However, the darkness and style remain. I really hope you're going to like it.

In summary, please do recommend my work if you enjoyed it - honestly, I would appreciate that enormously - thank you for all the terrific reviews for The Owlmen, and I will be back in the Season of the Witch with news of Hidden Company. Happy holidays!


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