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Creech Cross is a paranormal mystery thriller set on the Dorset/Somerset border in south west England, a place with its foot in neither one county nor the other. An other-worldly place, out of time, magical and surreal.

Due for release in August, 2023, here is the synopsis:

'As soon as Lyddie crosses the old stone bridge into Creech Cross, there's a strong feeling of stepping, not so much back in time, as out of it. Ancient magic overlaid with dark witchcraft and superstition bleeds into the present day, events and people as interwoven into the fabric of history as the age-old tracks traversing the land itself. Local people barely acknowledge her, and the incomers are that bit too friendly, until gradually it becomes clear she and her husband are in danger.

Who to trust? Who not to trust? Before the situation becomes alarmingly, inexplicably... unsafe.'

Pre-order links:

I hope you're going to love it...

** Cover courtesy of Gina Dickerson at RoseWolf Design **

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