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The Witching Hour is now out!

This is the second, newly edited edition. All of these stories were written over a decade ago and my writing has changed a great deal during that time, so I've wanted to update the collection for ages... As such, the new version of The Witching Hour is now available in Kindle and paperback, and here is the blurb:

'An anthology of short thrillers, chillers, mysteries and tales with a twist by Occult Horror Author, Sarah England. Many of these stories have been previously published in magazines and anthologies, and while not all are in the same terrifying vein as her bestselling, occult horror trilogy, 'Father of Lies,' most do have a supernatural theme. The title story, 'The Witching Hour' inspired the prologue for 'Father of Lies'. Other stories include, 'Someone out There,' a three part crime thriller set on the Yorkshire moorlands; 'The Witchfinders', a spooky 17th century witch hunt; and 'Cold Melon Tart,' where the waitress discovers there are some things she simply cannot do. In, 'A Second Opinion,' a consultant surgeon is haunted by his late mistress; and 'Sixty Seconds' sees a nursing home manager driven to murder. Whatever you choose, hopefully you will enjoy the ride.'

On offer this week: 'The Soprano'! 99p/99c on Kindle Countdown!

REVENGE WAS NEVER THIS WICKED! For generations this lonely moorland village has harboured an intricate web of jealousy, rage and deceit. Finally, during one of the worst snowstorms in living memory, it's about to come to a horrific conclusion

Thank you for reading and thank you for any kind reviews. Masquerade and Caduceus are the latest supernatural thrillers, and a stand alone novella is the next project. News on that really soon!


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